Training programs


Lyonbiopole aims at promoting good coherence between initial and in-service trainings, and skills needed to develop the biotech sector in the Rhone-Alpes region.

Lyonbiopole benefits from an ecosystem structured by two Research and Higher Education (PRES) Senior Clusters : Lyon University and Grenoble University (20,000 students in Life Sciences and Health are trained every year to jobs such as researcher, physician, engineer and entrepreneur in the health sector ...)


2008 : Lyonbiopole launches a major survey "critical expertises" which conclusions are presented to the Rhone-Alpes training institutions and are used to settle specific trainings. Those trainings support Lyonbiopole’s members in setting up R&D projects (Industrial Property and Consortium agreements).


2009 : As part of the opening of the Infectious Disease Center and of the Business Center, Lyonbiopole offers to housed organizations specific trainings linked with their activities (BSL3 laboratory, Fire and Evacuation).


2012: Lyonbiopole is involved in the LEEM’s (the French Pharmaceutical Companies Association). health industries’ Forecast Study(national study and  regional focus) .  ).


2013 : As part of its 3.0 phase, Lyonbiopole rallies training actors and its SME members in order to get these two worlds closer. Proposed actions will contribute to give more visibility to the Rhone-Alpes’ training offer and to match SME’s needs in skills. This will be done,in particular through promoting the adaptation of the training offer (initial and in-service trainings, qualified technician, master and doctorate degrees).